Texas A&M partnership developing biomedical ‘bandage’ for wounds

University research focusing on building stimuli-responsive material that could release, absorb antibiotics


Researchers at Texas A&M University and the Stevens Institute of Technology are working on the next generation of biomedical materials used to treat chronic wounds, including ulcers and wounds caused by diabetes.


Svetlana Sukhishvili, A&M professor and director of the soft matter facility, and her research partner at Stevens, Hongjun Wang, have conducted experiments alongside their respective teams and combined them to form one study.


“If you have diabetes, for example, your ability to heal wounds may be compromised, and ulcers may occur. What we’re trying to do is give you this bandage-like material that will be able to transform into skin that will help your body overcome the wound and to heal,” said Victoria Albright, a fourth-year doctoral student and lead researcher in the A&M Department of Materials Science and Engineering … read more