Negative pressure wound therapy no better than standard care for open

     traumatic wounds


For open traumatic wounds involving fracture or soft tissue, there is “no clear difference” between standard care and negative pressure wound therapy (NPWT), and the latter is unlikely to be cost-effective, according to a recent Cochrane Review.


“All (of our) research led us to conclude there is no clear difference in the rate of healing of open fracture wounds treated with NPWT and those treated with standard care,” she said, “and also that NPWT is likely not a cost-effective treatment for (these) wounds,” Dr. Joanne Dumville of the University of Manchester, UK, told Reuters Health by email on behalf of her colleagues.


Dr. Dumville and colleagues searched the literature and various registries and reports through June 2018 for published and unpublished randomized controlled trials using NPWT for open traumatic wounds involving either fractures or soft tissue.

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