Micelle‐Coated, Hierarchically Structured Nanofibers with Dual‐Release

     Capability for Accelerated Wound Healing and Infection Control


Tailoring nanofibrous matrices—a material with much promise for wound healing applications—to simultaneously mitigate bacterial colonization and stimulate wound closure of infected wounds is highly desirable. To that end, a dual‐releasing, multiscale system of biodegradable electrospun nanofibers coated with biocompatible micellar nanocarriers is reported. For wound healing, transforming growth factor‐β1 is incorporated into polycaprolactone/collagen (PCL/Coll) nanofibers via electrospinning and the myofibroblastic differentiation of human dermal fibroblasts is locally stimulated. To prevent infection, biocompatible nanocarriers of polypeptide‐based block copolymer micelles are deposited onto the surfaces of PCL/Coll nanofibers using tannic acid as a binding partner. Micelle‐modified fibrous scaffolds are favorable for wound healing, not only supporting the attachment and spreading of fibroblasts comparable to those on noncoated nanofibers … read more