The International Wound Infection Institute (IWII) is an organisation of
volunteer interdisciplinary health professionals dedicated to advancing
and improving practice relating to prevention and control of wound
infection. This includes acute wounds (surgical, traumatic and burns)
and chronic wounds of all types, although principally chronic wounds of
venous, arterial, diabetic and pressure aetiologies.


Wound infection is a common complication of wounds. It leads to delays in wound
healing and increases the risk of loss of limb and life. Implementation of effective
strategies to prevent, diagnose and manage, is important in reducing mortality and
morbidity rates associated with wound infection.


This second edition of Wound Infection in Clinical Practice is an update of the first edition
published in 2008 by the World Union of Wound Healing Societies (WUWHS). The
original document was authored by leading experts in wound management and endorsed
by the WUWHS. The intent of this edition is to provide a practical, updated resource that
is easy-to-use and understand.

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