Wound Management Docs Might Want to Read this Interview with Wound Clinic Nurses

Editor’s note, this is from Aug 18, 2020 but I thought it might be of interest :

The theme of the August issue of Today’s Wound Clinic is “Multidisciplinary Care.” I decided to interview my amazing staff (pictured holding the hospital award for the clinic coming back the strongest since the pandemic, from left to right: Tara Stone, Debi Thompson, Donna Dulaney and Michelle Hebert). I think every physician who practices wound management ought to read this interview. They were brutally honest and probably said some things that other nurses would like to say but haven’t had a “safe space.” I welcome the constructive comments of other nurses, technicians, and therapists about how we can collaborate better in the care of our very complex patients. Here’s a safe space for those comments … read more