Effect of Flap Selection on the Postoperative Success of Sacral Pressure Injuries: A Retrospective Analysis

Pressure injuries (PIs) continue to be a substantial problem and burden for the present-day health care system and are the leading cause of chronic wounds worldwide. There is no current consensus on the long-term results of the use of flaps in sacral PI reconstruction and optimal flap choice. Objective. This study aimed to evaluate whether flap selection influences postoperative results in sacral PI reconstruction. Materials and Methods. Patients who underwent surgery for PIs in the authors’ clinic between 2002 and 2016 were retrospectively analyzed. A total of 63 patients with stage 3/stage 4 sacral PIs and who underwent reconstruction with fasciocutaneous (FC) flaps (group 1), musculocutaneous (MC) flaps (group 2), or perforator (P) flaps (group 3) were included in the study. The mean duration of the follow-up period was 14.4 months, and patients were evaluated in terms of their demographic data … read more