New Study Demonstrates Significantly Increased Healing Rates with NATROX® Oxygen Wound Therapy

Inotec sponsored the study to investigate the impact of NATROX® on previously non healing DFUs. Held across 19 sites in the USA, the trial involved 145 patients with 54% over age 65. The study’s Principal Investigator, Dr. Thomas Serena, is an internationally recognized expert in wound healing. Dr. Serena is former President of the American Professional Wound Care Association and currently CEO of the SerenaGroup®, a leading provider of wound care. Eligible patients had a chronic wound for an average of 23-24 weeks before entering the 12-week therapy period, and over half the participants in the NATROX® group had a history of prior amputation. It is worth noting, the study continuing despite new COVID-19 protocols indicates the ease and simplicity of treatment … read more