Epidemiology, Pathophysiology, and Management Strategies of Neonatal Wound Care

Guidelines for neonatal skin care are scarce, and there is no consensus on the best management practices for neonatal skin breakdown. This review presents the pathology and phases of wound healing, reasons for neonatal skin fragility, and approaches to recognition of commonly encountered neonatal wounds. This review also provides general strategies for neonatal wound prevention, care, dressing, and management to avoid further damage to the fragile neonatal skin. The importance and role of retaining moisture in expediting wound healing is discussed, as well as updated classifications on how to grade and assess pressure ulcers and the role of negative pressure wound therapy and silver dressings. Lastly, this review discusses prevention and treatment options for surgical wounds, intravenous extravasation wounds, congenital wounds, and thermal injuries, in addition to how to differentiate these wounds from the common diaper dermatitis and contact dermatitis … read more