The long-term outcomes following the application

     of intralesional epidermal growth factor in patients with diabetic foot ulcers


Authors assessed 36 feet of 34 candidates (mean age 61 ± 13.7 years) to examine the long-term consequences of intralesional epidermal growth factor injections in the treatment of diabetic foot ulcers. They observed participants’ demographics, Wagner classifications, recurrence and amputation rates, 55.40 ± 12.15 of Foot Function Index, Short Form 36, and 65.92 ± 17.56 of American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons Foot and Ankle Module scores at the final follow-up review. They noted a complete response of wound closure in 87.9% of lesions with granulation tissue greater than 75%. The meantime of wound closure was recorded from 25 to 72 days. Toe amputation was performed in only 2 participants due to ischemic necrosis, suggesting a low recurrence and concise amputation rate with complete wound healing …. read more