Healogics Newest Service Line Drives Competitive Advantage with Data

Healogics Research ServicesSM provides comprehensive market and clinical analytics that enable access to the largest database of wounded patients in the world. Healogics Research Services team analyzes comprehensive patient-level data to guide population identification, aid in study protocol development and identify patients for potential enrollment in late phase studies. JACKSONVILLE, Fla.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Healogics®, the nation’s largest provider of advanced chronic wound care services, today announced the debut of their newest service: Healogics Research ServicesSM. With robust clinical data on treatments and outcomes of over 1.8 million patients with 5.2 million wounds, Healogics has the largest repository of wound care-specific clinical encounter data in the industry. This data enables Healogics Research Services to generate real world insights that drive patient outcomes, product effectiveness and appropriate utilization.


“With our nationwide network of nearly 700 Wound Care Centers®, we care for more than 330,000 patients living with non-healing wounds each year,” said David Bassin, Chief Executive Officer at Healogics. “These numbers translate into meaningful data that enables us to better reach and improve healing for more people living with chronic wounds. We are excited about the unlimited opportunities and insights this new service offers us, our partners and, most importantly, our industry.” … read more