Non-invasive Ozone Therapy Shows Effectiveness in Treating Digital Ulcers

Non-invasive, local treatment of digital ulcers with ozone for 20 days showed clinical effectiveness in systemic sclerosis patients, according to a new study …The study, “Non-invasive Oxygen-Ozone Therapy in Treating Digital Ulcers of Patients with Systemic Sclerosis,” was published in the journal Acta Reumatológica Portuguesa, and was conducted by researchers at Asyut University and Suez Canal University, in Egypt …Systemic sclerosis (SSc), or systemic scleroderma, is a chronic autoimmune disease that affects connective tissue (the tissue that supports and holds other tissues or organs together), and is characterized by excessive production of collagen protein, leading to fibrosis of the skin and internal organs …Excessive collagen deposition can also narrow small blood vessels in the fingers and toes, resulting in Raynaud’s phenomenon … read more