New healing hydrogel is full of holes

Although we’ve already heard about hydrogels that help to heal chronic wounds, the University of New Hampshire’s Asst … Prof … Kyung Jae Jeong states that most of them have a shortcoming – they’re not porous enough … An inexpensive micro-hole-filled gel made by his team, however, is claimed to perform much better … The idea behind most hydrogels is that they get applied to “difficult” wounds such as diabetic foot ulcers, either being injected into them or put on as a dressing … The gels then create a form-fitting matrix across the surface of those injuries, promoting healing by keeping the wounds moist, preventing bacteria from entering them, and in some cases releasing medication … According to Jeong, though, cells from adjacent tissue often have difficulty growing through these relatively non-porous hydrogels and into the wound, resulting in a slow healing process … read more