Tissue Regenix’s Decellularized Human Dermis Product, DermaPure

Demonstrated Substantial Clinical and Cost Benefits in Case Series Presented at Cleveland Clinic Accredited VEITH Symposium


SAN ANTONIO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Tissue Regenix Group (AIM:TRX) (“Tissue Regenix” or “The Group”), a regenerative medical devices company, recently shared findings from a case series that concluded DermaPure, a decellularized human dermis product, was more cost effective, prompted faster healing times and improved quality of life versus other available options.


Undertaken by David Naar, MD, founder of Premier Vein Clinic, LLC. in collaboration with the Cleveland Clinic, the case series was shared at the 45th annual VEITH symposium and included six patients presenting with acute or chronic wounds, including necrotizing fasciitis and venous leg ulcers. Through the retrospective and prospective collection of data, the investigation showed a 65% mean surface area reduction in wound size at six weeks following an average of 1 DermaPure application per patient. One patient in the series, presented with a wound duration of over 10 years and had previously failed with multiple different graft options. Dr. Naar therefore concluded that DermaPure offers a significant health economic benefit to both patients and physicians in addition to its proven clinical advantage over current standard treatments … read more