Eggshell membrane waste beneficial for wound healing

EU research has brought the benefits of eggshell membrane (ESM) protection from the chick to ‘hard-to-heal’ open wounds.


Delayed chronic wound healing is the so-called ‘vicious cycle’ of many illnesses. Chronic inflammation, excess protease, a key risk factor in healing, and tissue degradation are the hallmarks of this condition that can lead to further debilitation for the patient including a deterioration in psychological health. What’s more, already high healthcare costs are set to escalate the longer the wound goes unchecked.


ESM: Material mastermind behind wound healing


ESM is a low-cost alternative to currently used collagen-derived dressings that are often too expensive to use. Based on a novel biomaterial derived from ESM, it is extracted from waste eggshells. Protecting the egg and its chick during development, ESM is a thin, structural protein-rich lining that performs similar key functions in wound healing to the extracellular membrane in skin … read more