Plasma Treatment Continues to Evolve in Wound Healing

The German company COLDPLASMATECH specializes in using plasma to treat wounds. Plasma is the fourth state of matter, one substantially less common than gas, liquid or solid. While plasma has been in use in the health care industry for some time, it continues to improve as a possible treatment for wound victims.


According to Medical Xpress, COLDPLASMATECH utilizes cold plasma, similar to the kind found in lightning, to treat wounds. Early tests found the material to be tissue tolerable and its temperature allows for physicians to better work with its bioactivity.


Cold plasma treatment represents another step forward in plasma being effectively used to treat wounds.


Plasma as a wound treatment
In a study that was published in Clinical Plasma Medicine, experts outlined the difficulty in comparing plasma tests. The problem comes in the various sources for plasma as each produces different biological and physical properties. Nevertheless, medical researchers have been compiling data for years, earning an understanding of each plasma and its effectiveness in wound treatment.


Part of the drive for pushing plasma research forward is its potential to accelerate the healing process. St. George News highlighted how platelet-rich plasma has been used in healing therapy over the last several decades. However, technological improvements have heightened plasma‚Äôs effectiveness, enabling it to be a faster-acting wound treatment … read more