Antibacterial Effect and Promoting of Skin Wound Healing After Infected with Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus aureus for the Novel Polyvinyl Nanoparticles

Wounds represent a serious, and often overlooked, health problem in the global world. Importantly, if left untreated, several complications arise including infection, amputation, and long-term morbidity. The wound treatment has placed a massive financial burden on the health-care system, with serious and disturbing consequences for the affected patients. The development of new treatments that enhance the wound healing process and prevent, or limit, scarring is needed. Impaired wound healing is characterized by a loss of synchronization of the molecular interactions required for skin tissue repair.4 Six million patients a year are affected by wounds, costing the health-care system an estimated $25 billion dollars. Wound infection is the most common impediment to wound healing, leading to increase the morbidity and mortality among patients … read more