Retired surgeon leads local diabetes study

SHERIDAN — After working as an orthopedic surgeon for 20 years, Dr. Scott Nickerson was forced into an early retirement by diabetes.


After graduating from the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, Nickerson moved to Sheridan in 1977 to work as an orthopedic surgeon at Sheridan Orthopaedics, which was a small three-doctor practice at the time.


One of the many complications of diabetes is neuropathy, nerve damage that can lead to pain, weakness and loss of sensation in the extremities.


Nickerson said after living with diabetes for about 10 years, he began to notice his hands were getting clumsy.


“I would drop tools a little bit or just not have quite the sensation you would depend on to do the work,” Nickerson said. “Plus it would hurt me a lot to be on my feet.”


Nickerson decided to retire so the effects of his neuropathy would not affect his work as a surgeon … read more