Electrically charged bandages help to heal burn wounds

     combat antibiotic resistance


Researchers from the Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center have developed special electrically charged bandages that can prevent infections, combat antibiotic resistance and enable healing in burn wounds. This type of dressing turns electrically active when it comes in contact with bodily fluids. According to Dr. Chandan Sen, director of Ohio State’s Center for Regenerative Medicine and Cell Based Therapies, who led the study with colleagues at the Medical Center’s Comprehensive Wound Center and Center for Microbial Interface Technology, “Drug resistance in bacteria is a major threat, and antibiotic-resistant biofilm infections are estimated to account for at least 75 percent of bacterial infections in the United States. This is the first pre-clinical long-term porcine study to recognize the potential of ‘electroceuticals’ as an effective platform technology to combat wound biofilm infection.”

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