Living with a Diabetic Foot Ulcer

Patient Perspective:
An Interview with Robert S. Meyer by Janet L. Kuhnke Robert Meyer lives with diabetes and a foot ulcer. He has attended multiple Wounds Canada events as both a speaker and to learn more about how he can manage his condition, heal his wound and prevent further foot complications. He is interviewed here by wound care clinician and educator Janet Kuhnke.


Janet L. Kuhnke: Robert, you attended the fall 2017 Wounds Canada conference in Mississauga, Ontario. Can you tell me what this was like for you as a patient?


Robert S. Meyer: I was there as a patient and a speaker, but it was not until I got back home that the depth of my message sank in. First, I wanted to do my talk as a tribute to my mother, who had a nasty death due to the complications of diabetes. Second, if my message could help someone, it would be worth it all. Not just for other patients but for other service providers who need to find their own inner voice and become advocates for themselves or others, no matter the issue. Third, telling my story has a profound impact on my own healing journey. Now I know why victims of trauma need to tell their story as part of their healing. The important part is knowing that someone has listened and heard … read more