Applying a Silver-containing Dressing to the Incision Site and Its Effect on the Development

of Surgical Site Infection After Ostomy Closure: A Prospective Randomized Clinical Pilot Study


Tezcan Akin MD, Murat Kendirci MD, Ali Emre Akgün MD, Erdinç Çetinkaya MD, Sadettin Er MD, Merve Akin MD, Ahmet Çinar Yasti MD


Surgical site infections (SSIs) can occur after colorectal surgery. Ionic silver has been used to prevent the development of SSIs. New-generation dressings, defined as total occlusive ionic silver–containing dressings, have been shown to reduce bacterial colonization in SSIs. PURPOSE: To evalute the effect of a silver hydrofiber dressing on the development of SSIs at the abdominal incision after ostomy closure … read more

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