Smart Textiles Offer Development Opportunities In Medical

The medical field benefits from textile innovations, and the rapid development of sensor technology brings new products to the healthcare and wellness market.


The textile news has presented a number of stories centered in and around the medical industry in recent months. Whether the news relates to implantables and grafts, coatings and additives for wellness and bacteria protection, or innovative uniform fabrics, the textile industry is playing a role in medical progress. One particular area of note is sensor technology. Rapid development is taking place in the sensor market, and many companies are developing smart textile products for medical and health-related applications.


Making Socks Smart
Recently, San Francisco-based health technology company Siren introduced Neurofabric™, a Diabetic Sock and Foot Monitoring System that features microsensors embedded directly into the fabric. Six sensors — three across the ball of the foot, one in the arch and one on the heel — continuously monitor foot temperature looking for variation  … read more