Acute and Impaired Wound Healing: Pathophysiology and Current Methods for

     Drug Delivery, Part 1: Normal and Chronic Wounds: Biology, Causes, and Approaches to Care


This is the first installment of 2 articles that discuss the biology and pathophysiology of wound healing, review the role that growth factors play in this process, and describe current ways of growth factor delivery into the wound bed. Part 1 discusses the latest advances in clinicians’ understanding of the control points that regulate wound healing. Importantly, biological similarities and differences between acute and chronic wounds are considered, including the signaling pathways that initiate cellular and tissue responses after injury, which may be impeded during chronic wound healing.


Acute and chronic wounds affect millions of people in the United States and around the world. In recent decades, clinicians have gained a better understanding of the mechanisms of normal wound repair process and causes of delays in healing. This progress has led to significant improvement in the quality of life of affected patients. This article reviews the latest insights and opportunities for wound repair science and innovations in wound care … read more