An evaluation of an ultrasonic debridement system

in patients with diabetic foot ulcers: a case series


Ferdinando CampitielloMD , Manfredi ManconeMD , Angela Della CorteMD , Raffaella GuernieroMD , Silvestro Canonico


This study evaluated the use of ultrasonic debridement in patients with diabetic foot ulcers (DFU).


In this prospective, single-arm, open-label study, all patients with DFUs underwent wound debridement by ultrasonic debridement system (SonicOne OR Ultrasonic debridement system). Wherever possible, the edges were approximated by means of stitches. In other cases, the surgical breach healed by secondary intention, or a partial thickness skin graft (with or without Integra Dermal Regeneration Template or Integra Flowable Wound Matrix) was applied, and subsequently healed by primary intention … read more