Temperature-reading ‘smartmat’ catches diabetic foot ulcers early

Podimetrics, a startup created during an MIT “hackathon” in 2011, focuses on catching foot ulcers—a complication of diabetes that can lead to amputation—early. The company unveiled data showing its remote-monitoring technology caught a majority of foot ulcers well before they appeared.


A number of factors contribute to the development of diabetic foot ulcers, including nerve damage, which stops patients from feeling small injuries in their foot. A healthy person might change his or her movement or adjust a shoe, but a person with diabetes-related nerve damage will not notice the pain. Repetitive injury over time can lead to an ulcer, and early detection can help prevent an ulcer from forming or getting worse … read more


Feasibility and Efficacy of a Smart Mat Technology to Predict Development of Diabetic Plantar Ulcers

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