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Efficacy and Safety of a Hyaluronic Acid–Containing Cream in the Treatment of Chronic, Venous, or Mixed-Origin Leg Ulcers

A Prospective, Multicenter Randomized Controlled Trial
Topical applications of hyaluronic acid (HA)–containing formulations, based on the complex and vital role of HA in all stages of the wound-healing process, are routinely used with standard therapy to promote faster healing of chronic wounds. However, evidence to guide clinical decisions on the use of topical HA in the healing of vascular leg ulcers is limited. Objective. This study compared the efficacy and safety of topical application of a hyaluronic acid cream vs a neutral comparator (identical cream without HA) in treating subjects with chronic leg ulcers of vascular origin. Materials and Methods. This was a prospective, multicenter double-blind randomized controlled trial. One hundred sixty-eight subjects with chronic leg ulcers of venous or mixed (venous and arterial) origin were randomized to receive either topical applications of 0.2% HA cream or neutral comparator cream for a maximum of 20 weeks. The primary efficacy endpoint was complete ulcer healing (100% reepithelialization of the wound area centrally assessed at 20 weeks or before and confirmed 3 weeks later). In both groups, topical treatment was associated with standard therapy (ulcer cleansing and optimized compression) … read more

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