Advanced Allografts for Wound Care Clinicians

Advanced tissue allografts engineered to address the unmet clinical needs of wound patients ...

Zenith Amniotic Membrane is a sterile allograft for optimal wound covering and protection during wound treatment. Backed by decades of research, Zenith adheres easily to irregular wounds and has a five-year shelf life. Read more

Featured Product

Impax Dual Layer Membrane provides reliable protective wound covering that adheres easily to irregular wounds, with a dehydrated extracellular matrix that supports native tissue. Immune privileged and angiogenic, with a five-year shelf life. Read more


SurGraft FT is a sterile full thickness graft designed for optimal wound covering and protection during the treatment of wounds. SurGraft FT's dehydrated extracellular matrix acts as a scaffold supporting the native tissue. Read more
  • Our product replacement program ensures the graft(s) Legacy approves through prior insurance verification will be covered or we will replace the product
  • Invoice terms outlined in the contract are 45 days, therefore, you will never be cash flow negative
  • Company does not collect payment for any graft(s) not reimbursed
  • Impax reimbursement is $1350 per square centimeter
  • 3 grafts applied in a calendar month qualifies for a 40% physician rebate prior to the invoice being due
  • Only requires an executed rebate agreement to get started (provided upon request)
  • This product is shelf stable and does not require refrigeration
  • There is no money out of pocket to the provider prior to reimbursement
  • Can be applied in outpatient Clinic/Office, Patient Home, and Nursing Facility