Histologics LLC Releases SoftBiopsy®+D, the Versatile Kylon® Fabric-Tipped Device for Wound Debridement or Tissue Biopsy Sampling

ANAHEIM, Calif.July 5, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Histologics LLC attended “WOCNext” in Las Vegas last June 4-6th to exhibit its novel debridement and wound biopsy fabric-curettage devices including for the first time, the SoftBiopsy®+D device. Over 1M cases by clinicians used Kylon® devices for colposcopic biopsy and curettage in the USA, in nearly every clinical setting www.histologics.com. The hooked medical (Kylon®) fabric tipped brushes gently remove and can trap tissue for biopsy for histology or microbiology. The debridement may be performed at a lighter “hygiene” level, extending all the way to “excisional” surgical methods when the brush array converts to micro-curettes if the fabric is pressed firmly and wiped or twisted into tissue.

Kylon® Fabric Debridement and Biopsy : Video Simulation

The cause of some wounds not to heal includes biofilm, and the Kylon® fabric devices can be used to obtain true tangential biopsy samples from the debrided wound base for lab testing.  This is commonly done with the SoftBiopsy® product, solely used for biopsy that is sent to a laboratory. Histologics recently released SoftBiopsy®+D, a more versatile and durable version for clinicians, that can sustain longer procedure time for wound debridement as well as biopsy.

We have previously demonstrated the value of our Soft K-Rette® device to debride and sample crevice wounds, and Soft K-Cot® deployed on the finger for “Compassionate Debridement at Your Fingertips®”.

The scope of practice of most physicians and nurse clinicians vary from basic wound care to the most advanced surgical procedures where necrotic wound tissue must be mechanically or surgically removed.  Advanced and basic wound care providers include many specialties in health care and procedures occur in clinics, hospitals, homes, facilities and other settings. Some providers that shy away from regular debridement (necessary to heal wounds) due to the invasive nature of the scalpel and sharp curette would be willing to clean wounds using the gentle  Kylon® devices.

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