BioLab Sciences Dermistat™ is Changing Wound Healing for Dermatologists

The regenerative biotechnology is reducing healing times to as little as three weeks in Mohs-related surgical wounds


PHOENIX–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Dermistat™, one of the latest wound healing innovations by BioLab Sciences, a regenerative biotechnology company, has emerged as the go-to wound healing option for dermatologists throughout the country. Introduced earlier this year, Dermistat™ is a revolutionary regenerative therapy that is transforming the wound care industry by decreasing healing time significantly compared to the standard of care secondary closure.


Part of the MyOwn Skin™ suite of products, Dermistat™ uses a small sample of the patient’s healthy skin to create a gel-like substance that can create an autologous skin graft in as little as 48 hours. Used for acute surgical wounds, including Mohs procedures unable to be closed with standard plastic surgery techniques, and non-healing wounds, Dermistat™ is non-invasive, improves recovery time, is relatively painless, and creates only a small, superficial donor site wound.


“Dermistat™ was originally developed to treat severe burns, trauma and plastic procedures, however, BioLab Sciences modified the process enabling it to be effectively leveraged in the dermatologist’s office, allowing patients to recover faster and more completely,” said Jaime Leija, Chief Commercialization Officer at BioLab Sciences. “Dermistat™ is proving to be a valuable resource for Mohs patients as it eliminates the need to perform a graft to cover larger wounds and it significantly reduces the healing time.”


This novel biotechnology is based on the MyOwn Skin™ technology, which leverages a very small sample of a patient’s own skin through a non-surgical procedure to reproduce the gel-like substance within 48 hours. In many cases, Dermistat™ accelerates the healing of post-surgical and chronic wounds and because of its favorable outcomes, it is on track to disrupt the wound care industry.


“We have been using Dermistat™ on surgical defects post-Mohs surgery after excising skin cancer,” said Travis Gilbert, PA-C with Desert Dermatology & Skin Cancer Specialists. “The wounds were typically open for 5-7 days prior to applying Dermistat™. Prior to using Dermistat™, we would close with flaps mostly. Occasionally, we would use skin grafts. Today we are using mostly Dermistat™ to cover these acute surgical wounds. They are healing much more rapidly than secondary closure and do not require significant plastics closure.”


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