Surgical Debridement With a Scalpel

John C Lantis II


Hello, I’m John Lantis, vascular surgeon, and today I’d like to spend a little bit of time speaking to you about the benefits of debridement and some fundamentals of the technique. Very simple office-based debridement for the outpatient wound. The goals of debridement are to take away the skin edges that would be hyperkeratotic, which would be around the edges. Those cells are actually cells that usually don’t even know how to migrate across the wound bed and need to be removed. But one also doesn’t want to forget the base of the wound, where at the base of the wound you would have increased bacterial burden and cells, if they’re present, that are very senescent or quiescent, and that they’re not able to turn over. So there are various ways of debriding and methods, but we’re going to be talking about sharp debridement today, specifically. Sharp debridement you want to have a rounded blade; using an 11 blade … read more