Limb Loss… Who Is Really to Blame?

The Patient? The Physician? The System?—Part 1
The discipline of limb preservation and salvage has spawned extraordinary innovations in both scientific and clinical applications, offering new hope for those seeking the benefits of the burgeoning state-of-the-art lower extremity amputation prevention platforms. Wound treatment complexes are flourishing as well as access to them; research studies abound; extensive data is amassed; myriad public relations campaigns stimulate public awareness; training programs … read more

AmnioText from Regenative Labs

AmnioText™ patches are produced from human amniotic membranes and can be placed on the wound closure sites after a medical procedure or directly onto an open wound. The allografts are minimally manipulated and undergo an extensive and comprehensive testing process. The patches are produced in our first-class, state-of-the-art lab in Pensacola, Florida, to ensure the highest quality tissue allografts available. Click here to request more information