Building a Pressure Injury Prevention Plan in a Low-Resource Facility

A nurse recently shared some of her experiences as a charge nurse in a skilled facility during the COVID-19 pandemic. She worked evenings (3-11:30 pm) at a local facility and was overwhelmed by the high number of patients she was responsible for. She typically worked on a 26-bed floor with just one nurse assistant for the shift. She later transferred to the night shift, where she was the only person on a 16-bed unit for the 8 hours. When asked how she was able to reposition patients as frequently as was recommended, the nurse said that she did “the best I could.” She is, unfortunately, not alone … read more

AmnioText from Regenative Labs

AmnioText™ patches are produced from human amniotic membranes and can be placed on the wound closure sites after a medical procedure or directly onto an open wound. The allografts are minimally manipulated and undergo an extensive and comprehensive testing process. The patches are produced in our first-class, state-of-the-art lab in Pensacola, Florida, to ensure the highest quality tissue allografts available. Click here to request more information