ProgenaCare Global Announces Effective Applications Of Novel Keratin Matrix Technology, ProgenaMatrix

ATLANTA, November 17, 2021 / PRNewswire / – ProgenaCare Global, formerly Cell Constructs, has developed innovative wound healing products that deliver great patient outcomes while advancing the use of renewable materials. The company’s wound care technology, ProgenaMatrix™, contains human keratin as the main component of highly effective and inexpensive wound therapy.

The all-natural, rugged human keratin protein option that makes up this specialized biomaterial offers surgeons a completely unique solution. The human keratin technology in ProgenaMatrix is ​​hydrated, non-cellular (non-tissue-based), non-resorbing and supports the body’s own healing process. The bio-inspired design makes ProgenaMatrix the next generation of advanced wound therapy in the CMS skin replacement category.

Keratin technology has been in the published literature for over a century with applications in wound healing, drug delivery, tissue engineering, trauma and medical devices … read more