Hymed: Facilitating Effective Wound Care

Delayed wound healing and the resulting impact to the cost of care impacts both patients and facilities across the healthcare continuum. When it comes to wound care, no one is comfortable choosing a service provider with only a basic understanding of the subject. Thus, a product specialist with a historical legacy of providing effective products will invariably gain market traction due to its reliability. Founded in 1995, Hymed has been a renowned name in the healthcare industry for over two decades, offering safe and efficacious, natural wound care products. The company is the developer of innovative wound care products that utilize collagen (the chief structural protein of the body), hyaluronic acid (HA) and glycosaminogly can chemistry for human and animal use. In addition to wound care, these products find varied applications in joint/tissue support, surgery, eye care, dental, and dermatology, and the cosmetic industry … read more

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