Current Challenges in Wound Care

Chronic wound care is a wound that persists after 4-6 weeks, and a complex wound is one that a health care professional is the one who needs to take care of it. The lack of progression and the complex nature of the wounds are due to multiple reasons and can be explained by the following factors1:

  • patient-related factors (lack of assessment of comorbidities or factors contributing to the wound, and difficulties related to the patient’s behavior and cooperation);
  • factors related to the wound (surface, volume, damage to the noble tissues, misdiagnosis of the etiology of the wound, and lack of diagnosis of infectious or ischemic complications of the wound);
  • factors related to the skills and knowledge of health professionals (absence of standardized or appropriate care protocols);
  • factors related to environmental or social difficulties in terms of resources available for the treatment of the wound.

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