APMA Sponsored Webinar: Turn an Exam Room into a Multi-million Dollar Revenue Stream

In this webinar sponsored by Molecular Lab Partners, Joe Case, the CEO of Molecular Lab Partners, will discuss how they can help you bring Molecular Testing in-house with relative ease. Their turnkey process not only guides clinicians through the Physician Office Lab implementation process but also makes molecular testing fast and easy with Ready To Run, Custom Plated Assays In Convenient Break-Away Plates. Operating your own Physician Office Lab not only improves patient care with one-hour results on wound, nail fungus, and antibiotic resistance, but also provides you with a new revenue stream on testing you are already performing daily.

“I have to admit, I am always skeptical with consulting services related to in-office ancillary services. However, Molecular Lab Partners has definitely changed my mind! The entire POL implementation process, from the lab design and equipment procurement, to the hiring process of our Laboratory Director, Supervisor and Techs, has been seamless. I highly recommend the entire team at MLP.” ~ James Baldwin III, DPM … read more