As an Active Cleanser, Nexodyn(R) AOS Shows Superior Wound Healing Performance Compared to Standard of Care

Relief’s Subsidiary, APR Applied Pharma Research, Reports Data Published in Journal of Wound Care, Indicating Nexodyn(R) AOS Highly Effective Treatment to Support Healing of Hard-to-Heal Leg Ulcers … RELIEF THERAPEUTICS Holding SA (SIX:RLF)(OTCQB:RLFTF) (“Relief”), a biopharmaceutical company seeking to provide patients therapeutic relief from serious diseases with high unmet need, today announced that its wholly owned subsidiary, APR Applied Pharma Research SA (“APR”), reported data published in the peer reviewed Journal of Wound Care, indicating that the company’s Nexodyn(R) acid-oxidizing solution (AOS), developed with APR’s proprietary Tehclo(R) technology, was found to be a highly effective treatment to support wound healing in infected or non-infected hard-to-heal leg ulcers. The data also confirmed the safety and tolerability of Nexodyn(R) … Conducted by Robert Strohal, M.D., Professor and Department Head, Department of Dermatology, Federal Academic Teaching Hospital of Feldkirch, Austria, and colleagues, the open-label, randomized controlled MACAN study was conducted at two centers is Austria. A total of 50 patients were enrolled, with either infected or non-infected hard-to-heal leg ulcers of different etiology. Patients were treated for six weeks either with Nexodyn(R) AOS or standard of care (SOC) wound dressings … In the patient group treated with Nexodyn(R) AOS, wounds exhibited a faster and more pronounced wound size reduction compared with wounds in the SOC group. Additionally, compared to SOC, the treatment group showed a markedly greater percentage of complete healing of hard-to-heal ulcers by the end of the study period (32% versus 8%, respectively). Furthermore, Nexodyn(R) demonstrated its ability to significantly reduce the wound pH (p<0.0001) and thus promote a faster healing process. In all patients with infected leg ulcers, local infection was overcome more rapidly with Nexodyn(R) AOS treatment. Overall, the efficacy of Nexodyn(R) AOS was found to be not only non-inferior but superior to SOC wound dressings … read more