Evaluation & Management vs. Hospital Owned Outpatient Provider-Based Department Clinic Visits

If you had an opportunity to listen to the webinar entitled “2021 Mid-Year Reimbursement Reports: A Live Discussion Series,” that Jolayne Devers and this author presented on July 28, 2021, you know that the topic was Wound Care Audits Have Resumed: Are You Prepared? The attendees submitted many excellent questions during the webinar and sent many more emails to this author following the webinar. To accommodate the high volume of questions, this author promised to address the topics and questions in this and future Business Briefs columns.

One of the topics that generated many questions and follow-up emails was “Physician/qualified healthcare professional (QHP) evaluation & management (E/M) services are different than hospital owned outpatient wound/ulcer management provider-based department … read more