RITA: The Wound Pros Leverages Artificial Intelligence With Its Wound Measurement App

The Wound Pros (https://thewoundpros.com/) today introduced its automatic wound measurement app, RITA designed to aid healthcare providers in the management and treatment of chronic, non-healing wounds. The Wound Pros is a physician owned and managed wound care company and a leading supplier of wound care dressings with a presence in 16 states across the United States … RITA represents The Wound Pros’ “high-tech” approach that leverages the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning to measure chronic non-healing wounds with pinpoint accuracy. According to Dr. Bill Releford, RITA creator and CEO of the Wound Pros, capturing highly accurate measurements is essential for delivering timely and comprehensive treatments to prevent wounds from worsening and improving healing outcomes.” Clinicians just need to take a picture of a patient’s wound with a smartphone or tablet and RITA will measure its size and generate professional documentation to support treatment and billing alignment. The application integrates seamlessly into The Wound Pros digital wound management platform and allows care teams to remotely monitor patients’ wound progression. RITA offers online and offline capabilities to ensure efficiency and reliability regardless of network connection status … read more

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