Wound Care: Wearable Sensors and Systems for Wound Healing-Related pHand Temperature Detection

Wound healing is a delicate tissue regeneration procedure that entails numerous changes in various physiological parameters.

FREMONT, CA: Wearable sensors and systems refer to devices that can detect minute amounts of biological or chemical analytes and convert chemical reactions or physical changes into usable signals (optical or electrical signals, for example) following predefined rules. Wearable sensors/systems for monitoring markers in or around the wound environment can provide real-time symptom information and hold promise for therapy studies, which also meets the World Union of Wound Healing Societies’ requirement that “diagnostic tools be moved into the clinic or patient’s home to ensure optimal care is provided for patients with wounds.” Researchers have developed various wearable sensors/systems based on optical (fluorescence, colorimetry, etc.) or electrical (impedance, potentiometry, amperometry, etc.) mechanisms integrated with conventional wound dressings to form innovative wound dressings. These smart wound dressings convert changes in these biomarkers into visual or electrical signals, allowing for real-time monitoring of wound healing … read more