Wound Bed Preparation Best Practices: Optimizing the Wound For Closure

Wound bed preparation is an important component of wound management. Gaps in knowledge of how and why to prepare a wound bed properly for conventional or advanced wound care modalities may delay or impede healing outcomes. This presentation will describe how to prepare a wound bed properly to allow for optimal healing. It will define the term “wound bed preparation” and how it can aid in the management of tissue necrosis and maintain a proper bioburden balance of the wound’s environment. The concept of “TIME” will be used to evaluate a wound’s readiness to progress into the healing phases. The healing phases of hemostasis, inflammation, proliferation, and maturation will be reviewed, and the focus of each phase when preparing the wound bed for treatment will also be discussed. The presentation will conclude by outlining methods of preparing a wound bed for conventional or advanced treatment modalities, including “BEAMS” debridement methods, conventional and advanced dressings, cellular products, and wound vacuum application … Register Now