Vomaris Announces Launch of New Microcurrent-Generating Wound Care Product

Vomaris Innovations, Inc. reports the U.S. launch and first uses of a revolutionary new post-surgical wound dressing. Procellera® FlexEFit™ Antibacterial Wound Dressing employs a novel ‘Link & Build’ design that enables it to be ‘built’ during application to seamlessly cover incisions of virtually any length or curvature with just one product configurationIt is an important addition to Vomaris’s line of wound care products powered by V.Dox™ Technology. The only technology of its kind in the world, it employs embedded moisture-activated microcell batteries that wirelessly generate microcurrents designed to mimic the skin’s electrical energy … Procellera FlexEFit was first used by Orthopedic Surgeons Dr. Jimmy Chow and Dr. Brandon Gough, co-founders of the Orthopedic Institute of the West at Abrazo Scottsdale Campus in Phoenix, AZ … read more