URGO Group Receives the ‘Prix Galien France 2018’ for UrgoStart®

     an Innovative Treatment for Diabetic Foot Wound Healing


URGO Group, through its Urgo Medical division, received the Prix Galien France 2018 in the medical device category for UrgoStart®, the first dressing to have demonstrated clinical efficacy in the treatment of chronic wounds, especially in diabetic foot ulcers. This prestigious award recognizes URGO’s work and investment in R&D and its ongoing commitment to innovating for patients.


Urgo Medical: innovation as part of its DNA. URGO Group invests €25 million a year in R&D, in particular on medical technologies related to chronic wound healing.


“The prestigious Prix Galien rewards six years of collective hard work. Our R&D teams have spared no effort in developing the innovative UrgoStart® wound dressing,” said a beaming Hervé Le Lous, Chairman of URGO Group. “Our goal is to enable many more people to heal much faster, which will be a major benefit for patients, doctors and nurses, and society as a whole.”


UrgoStart®: a breakthrough in diabetic foot wound healing


With close to 425 million people affected worldwide, diabetes has become an epidemic that is growing steadily [1]. Nearly one out of every four patients with diabetes will suffer from a diabetic foot ulcer at least once in their lifetime[2].


Such wounds are also a major risk of infection which can lead to amputation and even death.


With one amputation carried out every 20 seconds, diabetes is the world’s leading cause of amputation[2]. In light of this finding, Urgo Medical launched the Explorer clinical study[3] in France, Spain, Italy, Germany and the UK, with the outcomes published in March 2018 in The Lancet Diabetes & Endocrinology. The results demonstrated the efficacy of UrgoStart® which led to a 60% increase in wound closure compared with standard care and reduced wound closure time by 60 days from an average period of 180 days.


The first dressing to be deemed a local treatment, UrgoStart® is a French innovation recognized at the international level and now honoured by the Prix Galien.


URGO Group: https://www.urgo-group.com/

Prix Galien France: https://www.prixgalien.fr/

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