Verily, Sanofi-backed diabetes management program to offer Orpyx’s foot ulcer sensors

Onduo, a Verily-Sanofi joint venture focused on digitally-driven diabetes management, is looking to further protect its members from foot ulcers and limb loss. Orpyx Medical Technologies’ diabetic foot ulcer sensors for its members.


Thanks to a newly announced deal struck between the companies, Orpyx Medical Technologies’ FDA-cleared SurroSense Rx system will be available to “select members” of Onduo’s diabetes management program in 2019. The system consists of a thin sensor that is placed in a patient’s shoes and a wirelessly connected smartwatch, which displays readings and alerts to the user when dangerous pressure levels are detected.


“Orpyx helps people with diabetes to prevent foot ulcers by providing insight that protects foot health and mobility and reduces the risk of complications that can lead to limb loss,” Breanne Everett, CEO of Orpyx Medical Technologies, said in a statement. “We are pleased to extend access to our foot sensor technology to the Onduo member community and to invite Orpyx US patients to take advantage of Onduo services.” … read more