Corstrata Shares Post-Acute Wound Care Challenges Survey Results

Corstrata, a provider of digital healthcare IT solutions and services for wound prevention and care management, announced today the results of the recently completed, Post-Acute Wound Care Challenge Survey. The survey was directed to U.S.-based home health agencies (HHAs) and hospice organizations and sought to gather industry-wide input on the state of the current challenges HHAs and hospice organizations face in providing value-based care for the growing wound patient population.


Like other areas of healthcare, HHAs and hospice organizations have also historically had difficulties with hiring and retaining board-certified wound cares nurses. While nearly 80% of the 124 survey respondents believe their organization is properly staffed to handle wound care patients, 46% of CNOs/VPs Nursing/Directors of Nursing indicate their organizations do not have access to a board-certified wound care nurse. Collectively, 32% of all respondents indicate they do not have access to a board-certified wound care nurse with another 12% of respondents indicating they only have access to a part-time/contract board-certified wound care nurse.


In addition, when HHA and hospice representatives were asked to describe how their current wound care staffing model impacts their business, 9% indicate they are missing out on patients due to lack of adequate wound care staff or wound knowledge; 37% say their in-home nursing visits are high with wound patients, and 29% have low or no financial margins on wound care patients.


However, another key finding is indicative of a growing desire to change how HHAs and hospice organizations address the needs of its wound care patients. 55% of HHAs and hospice organizations believe they would benefit from increased access to board-certified wound care nurses using virtual visit technologies …. read more