Intraoperative oxygen monitoring predicts wound healing

     in critical limb ischaemia patients after endovascular intervention


Preliminary findings from an initial study with 25 patients have shown that measuring the changes in oxygen concentration at baseline, during, and after endovascular revascularisation, can predict wound healing and functional improvement in critical limb ischaemia patients … Marianne Brodmann, Medical University Graz, Austria, presented the initial OMNIA study results that used the Lumee oxygen platform (Profusa) as a unique tool to assess and clinical management of critical limb ischaemia patients at the Leipzig Interventional Course (LINC; 30 January–2 February 2018, Leipzig, Germany). The platform is designed to provide immediate feedback on the quality of revascularisation and along the entire course of the patient’s recovery. It uses hydrogel sensors that are injected into the skin of the patient that measure the oxygen concentration in the tissue … read more