Wilmington-based company creates smartphone app for wound care

A smartphone application called MyWoundDoctor can help people needing wound care get quick access and treatment from a certified healthcare provider.


Here’s a simple version of how it can work: You snap a picture of the wound, select where on your body it’s located, and share a few more details about your condition. Then 30 minutes to four hours later, you’ll receive a doctor’s assessment, treatment instructions, and personalized supplies mailed to your home in a few days.


“It’s sort of a self-serve model,” said Dan Heneghan, the CEO of MyWoundDoctor, LLC which is based in Wilmington.


MyWoundDoctor was founded in 2015 by Heneghan and Dr. Nick Sieveking, a board-certified plastic surgeon.


Heneghan said he was talking with Sieveking, who said his patients had been sending pictures of wounds to him through his smartphone … read more