Inlow’s 60-Second Diabetic Foot Screen Gets a New Look!

Dr. Shane Inlow wrote a two-page article, published in 2004, to help guide clinicians in assessing and planning care for patients with or at risk for diabetic foot ulcers.1 A few years later, clinicians in Northern Canada indicated that one of their problems was communicating effectively with experts in larger centres about their patients’ foot problems. The article by Dr. Inlow came to mind, and Inlow’s 60-Second Diabetic Foot Screen was created to give clinicians a common language and process to perform such an assessment.2 This tool then underwent a validation study that included interrater and intrarater reliability and predictive validity to determine consistency of risk recognition for development of ulceration independent of specific assessor and practice setting.1,3 Four years later, a growing body of work by the International Working Group on the Diabetic Foot (IWGDF) resulted in a risk-classification tool … read more