KCI Expands Offering of Next Generation

     Negative Pressure Wound Therapy Dressing


SAN ANTONIO–(BUSINESS WIRE)– KCI, an Acelity Company, today announced the launch of the V.A.C. VERAFLO CLEANSE CHOICE™ Large Dressing designed for use with V.A.C. VERAFLO™ Therapy to cleanse larger wounds with thick, fibrous exudate and infectious material such as slough, and may be used on patients when surgical debridement must be delayed or is not possible or appropriate. With a unique, three-layer foam design with an array of holes, V.A.C. VERAFLO CLEANSE CHOICE™ Dressing allows for selective wound cleansing beyond traditional negative pressure wound therapy (NPWT) dressings, and provides flexibility in treating wounds of various depths.


“As an industry leader, we understand that wound care is incredibly complex and clinicians need more options – the combination of our core V.A.C.® Therapy technology with these new dressings shows remarkable potential for upending the traditional wound care approach, as illustrated by a growing body of clinical data,” said R. Andrew Eckert, President and CEO of Acelity. “Since launching V.A.C. VERAFLO CLEANSE CHOICE™ Dressing last year, we have seen tremendous response from clinicians with rapid adoption of the platform. Innovating for patients and customers is a driving force for our company, and we continue striving to revolutionize wound healing.”

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