Wound management in a case of an open amniotic band

     syndrome in a 31-week-old preterm baby


This is a case study of a 31-week-old preterm baby presented with severe amniotic band syndrome of the left leg at birth. Circumferential band with skin defect, exposing the subcutaneous tissue and periosteum of the left tibia was visible on the distal third of the left leg. The left dorsalis pedis artery and posterior tibialis artery pulsations were not palpable, but detectable with handheld Doppler ultrasound device. The capillary refilling time of the toes was good. While waiting for stabilisation of patient’s condition due to the poor lung function, wound management played a role in this case to protect the exposed left tibia from dehydration and necrosis as well as prevention of infection via the skin defect. Wound closure of the left leg was successfully achieved in 18 days … read more