IDTechEx Research Report Explores Connected Sensors

for the Prevention of Chronic Ulcers


As advancements in connectivity and miniaturization of electronics are made, smart sensors are beginning to find traction within the wound care pathway. IDTechEx Research has published a report titled Advanced Wound Care Technologies 2018–2028 and have previously reported on why disruption is needed in wound care in the next 10 years. Here, IDTechEx explores a few connected devices that can contribute to the prevention of chronic wounds of pressure ulcers (PUs) and diabetic foot ulcers (DFUs).


Sensors for the Prevention of Pressure Ulcers

MedicusTek have created the Sensable Care system which relies on a connected sensor pad or sensor mattress for detection of patient positioning to prevent pressure ulcer formation. By tracking patient position over time, the Sensable Care system can determine which areas of the patient are being exposed to prolonged pressure and notify caregivers accordingly for repositioning. The system resets if the patient successfully repositions themselves, thus decreasing the burden on caregivers where possible. Moreover, caregivers can receive immediate feedback as to whether their repositioning efforts were adequate in reliving the excessive pressure … read more